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My History and Profile

I'm a 25 year old web designer and developer working out of Barranquilla - Colombia. I have been coding websites ever since sophomore year of high school in my first web design class. Fast-forward a few years later I was landing freelance projects most of my junior and senior years. During this time I was also working part-time at Autonoma del Caribe University.

After graduating High School in summer 2006 I started writing on various web design companies along with launching my own startup ideas. During that time I also spent a couple months studying at Coorporacion Educativa Formar in Barranquilla, Colombia. However I left in January 2010 to pursue a career on my own. I now work doing freelance writing and building side-projects in my spare time.

Abraham de Jesus

Lover of JESUS CHRIST • System Engineer • Web & Desktop App Developer • Writer • Actor •